Trelleborg Marine Systems

The important question:
Trelleborg Marine Systems asked Stein IAS to transform their entire marketing mix after finding a substantial spend lacking results. How could we take the world’s leading manufacturer of marine fenders, docking and mooring systems, vessel technology and oil and gas transfer technology from no results to great results without spending an extra penny?

The important insights:
Stein IAS used its B2B strategy tool Mi Insights to develop a clear strategic platform and framework. Trelleborg faced an influx of low cost traders, who misrepresented their product quality to undercut reputable manufacturers.  To remove doubt in customers’ minds, a new proposition, Make Certain, was developed, forming the foundation of strategic messaging for multiple stakeholders such as engineers, port owners and contractors.

The important solution:
16,000 contacts were reached through an integrated digital strategy which included segmented email campaigns, web optimization, thought leadership PR, social media and paid search, all focused around a new suite of digital content and a brand position which demonstrated the integrity of Trelleborg’s full service offer.

Most importantly, the results: 
The strategy fuelled significant business growth at no extra cost to Trelleborg. The highly targeted campaign led to an average of 71 quotes per week, 3,500 email responses, and a database of 10,000 emails. The website saw a 67% increase in visitors, 104% increase in downloads, and 76% increase in registrations. Perhaps most importantly, the client commented on 2012 as their record year.


Case Study PDF (668KB)