TalkTalk Business

The important question:
In the UK’s fast-evolving technology environment, where broadband products are not only considered highly commoditized but delivered with generally poor levels of customer service, the business community is getting a raw deal.  How could Stein IAS open the market’s eyes to a better way of sourcing their connectivity services?

The important insights:
The strategic goal was to ensure the campaign was aligned with the TTB brand strategy, but worked as a measurable stand-alone and standout campaign. To enable this Stein IAS developed highly segmented and customized messaging, identified high-level corporate stakeholders to target and mapped out a fully integrated and collaborative sales/marketing strategy.

The important solution:
The creative proposition, ‘Business Grade’, was conceived, and to express it we invented ‘the lightwriter’ – a Banksy of the business world. The campaign was designed to undermine competitor’s business model, highlight superiority of TTB’s business only network (especially speed and reliability) and set a benchmark for TTB staff to live up to.

Most importantly, the results:
The campaign developed 400 individual web-hosted assets for lead generation. Marketing costs decreased 25% (Target: 10%), Return on investment rose 87% (Target: 20%), Web sales increased 38%, inbound leads rose 75% and web visitors increased 150%. And importantly, the campaign generated a sales pipeline of £1.3M against a budget of £65,000.

Case Study PDF (780KB)