Maxwell Systems

The important question:
Maxwell Systems approached Stein IAS as the construction industry was just beginning to rebound following several years of recession-driven contraction. Their question; how best to activate the brand to accelerate growth at this time of change and opportunity? 

The important insights:
Through the agency’s Mi Insights process, we discovered that construction software decision makers had “turned the corner” in their perceptions of the advantages of integrated software solutions as opposed to “point” solutions for estimating, project management and accounting. As importantly,  construction professionals ideally needed true partnership from real industry experts who “get” construction, not just software.

The important solution:
The focal point of the “Empowering Construction” brand and campaign was the letter “M”, which was leveraged prominently as a mark in the Maxwell brand’s new logo. The “M” was constructed by a grey arrow and an orange number “1”, pointing to Maxwell Systems as the industry’s all-in-one source for software solutions and services, as well its industry leadership.

Most importantly, the results:
The campaign immediately powered up Maxwell’s people, brand and business. The brand rolled out internally to great fanfare and excitement, and the go-to-market campaign launched with performance exceeding all projected KPIs. 


Case Study PDF (3MB)