The important question:
As a leading provider of cloud-based collaboration/content-sharing platforms, IntraLinks asked Stein IAS if they could introduce and generate demand for our revolutionary new product: IntraLinks Connect.

The important insights:
Unlike consumer file-sharing products or other unsecured modes of sending business-critical information, IntraLinks gives enterprise CIOs/CISOs and General Counsel the higher levels security and control they need to enable their people to share sensitive files confidently and compliantly – in the cloud and beyond their corporate firewalls. In other words, IntraLinks delivers "Enterprise Strength Collaboration."

The important solution:
The campaign featured dramatic images of empowered CIOs/CISOs and General Counsel with total control and visibility over how sensitive files and applications are shared. We with a highly topical competitive campaign positioning IntraLinks Connect as the alternative of choice to unsecure, consumer-grade file sharing solutions (such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive).

Most importantly, the results:
Performance metrics far exceeded projections in all targeted geographies (4 times higher than industry benchmarks). Online clickthrough’ more than 5X industry benchmarks. More than 3X the expected clickthrough rate on mobile advertising. Importantly, the stock price has increased 95% since launch of the campaign.

Case Study PDF (722KB)