The important question:
As Worldwide IT Partner to the Olympic Games, an opportunity to reconnect with their global market existed. But how could they use this to boost sales and maximize brand awareness? 

The important insights:
While the Games provided a perfect engagement vehicle, the long and complex buying process in business IT prompted Atos to employ a cutting edge, automated digital sales enablement strategy to maximum sales value. Stein IAS handled the digital, sales enablement and lead nurturing to coordinate an international campaign across hundreds of channels.

The important solution:
Using high-end billboards, multiple online media channels and exclusive Olympic site sponsorship, Atos got major exposure. Their branding was seen around the neck of all athletes, plus royalty and Bill Gates, amongst many others. To convert this exposure, an integrated email and automatic digital sales campaign engaged stakeholders.

Most importantly, the results:
Online campaign obtained 55,329,045 impressions with 32,093 clicks. Outdoor advertising was seen by 6.5m. Over 900 million TV viewers saw the site sponsorship and French magazine Strategy called Atos “the most prominent brand in the Olympic Village.” The campaign led to €131m of new business from a budget of €3m, a ROI of 44:1.

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