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The B2B Marketing Cloud Exploded

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2015
  • Author Marc Keating Chief Innovations Officer

The marketing technology landscape is a maze that few can fathom, let alone conquer. From campaign automation platforms to CRM systems and video plug-ins, there’s a vendor for every action and outcome you could ever desire. But which ones best fit your needs? In what order should you adopt them? What does a real marketing cloud actually look like?

This free Marketing Cloud Poster is your free ticket to all the answers. Stop fretting about point solutions and end-to-end services, everything you need to know is contained within this helpful two-page guide. Discover key insights such as:

  • How the Marketing Cloud powers the buyer journey 
  • What makes up a marketing cloud layer-by-layer
  • The three strategic functions of the technology stack
  • Which apps are hot and worth deploying first

The B2B Marketing Cloud Exploded is available to download here.

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