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  • Tuesday, May 26, 2015
  • Author Tom Stein Chairman and Chief Client Officer

We’ve compiled responses from nearly 300 global mid-size to large B2B brands, to bring you the most comprehensive investigation of B2B digital marketing maturity.

Examining performance across the four tenets of modern marketing: Reach and Attract, Engage and Inspire, Nurture and Convert and Analyze and Optimize, the DMMI categorizes digital marketing maturity into three evolutionary stages:

  • Digital Master: customer-centric, early adopter of best of breed technology and practices
  • Digital pragmatist: customer-orientated, mas adopter of mature technology channels and tactics
  • Digital Explorer: brand-centric, relatively slow adopter of digital tools and techniques

Find out how quickly B2B marketing, and B2B marketers, are evolving.

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