The Ingredients for Success

Charlotte Forshaw explains the elements required for global marketing effectiveness

30 November 2014

Stein IAS Account Director Charlotte Forshaw explains the elements required for global marketing effectiveness

Ingredion are leading innovators in creating ingredients for the healthy, great tasting consumer food products of the future. Their Annual Business Meeting took place on 13th November in Hamburg and high on the agenda was the company’s completely revamped approach to marketing.

As the architects of the new strategy, partner agency Stein IAS took to the stage to introduce it to the delegates.

Account Director Charlotte Forshaw, explained how technology is used to not only place advertising in the right places, but also target individual audience members with the content most relevant to their needs, and build online relationships using marketing automation software.

Charlotte demonstrated Ingredion’s new ‘Quest for the delicious balance’ creative, and showed how this is being applied across a number of channels like email, display ads and Google search.

Over a hundred people attended the meeting and the air of intense interest and positivity was never greater than during this presentation, especially when it came to unveiling the results of the initial campaigns.

Charlotte explains: “The automation software allows us to track all interactions with prospects showing complete user journeys from first click right through to a sale. This enables Ingredion’s marketing team to get maximum value from their media spend, measure the effectiveness of every individual campaign element and pass highly qualified leads on to the sales team.”

From the question and answer session at the end, it was obvious that the new strategy was very well received. When Charlotte was asked what Ingredion could do next she explained how their website could also respond to individual needs and give a more complete user experience. However Ingredion want their marketing success to taste, Stein IAS appear to have the right ingredients.

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