Agency wins ‘Best Marketing Automation in Content Marketing’ at the internationally-renowned Content Marketing Awards.

27 July 2015

The Content Marketing Institute has honoured Stein IAS with the award for ‘Best Marketing Automation in Content Marketing’ at its internationally-renowned Content Marketing Awards. The agency received the accolade for ‘The Performance People’ campaign developed for global engineering client, Trelleborg.

 As the largest and the most prestigious international content marketing awards program, the Content Marketing Awards recognize and reward the best content marketing projects, agencies and marketers in the industry. The 2015 Content Marketing Awards included 75 categories recognizing all aspects of content marketing, from strategy to distribution, from design to editorial.

Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer of Stein IAS, commented: “In a world where brands aggressively compete for greater online visibility, a successful content strategy can be the difference between market growth and stagnation. To prosper, brands need to be a prolific publisher and, most importantly, have a great story to tell.

“As an agency, this is where Stein IAS excels. We create compelling narratives, devise engaging tactics and strategically tie everything back to our client’s core proposition. It’s about being creative and contextual at the same time – the very essence of B2B marketing.

“To beat dedicated marketing automation and technology vendors at their own game on the grandest stage of them all is a phenomenal feat; proving that when it comes to delivering buyer journey driven content experiences powered by marketing automation technology, we’re not only holding our own on the global stage, but setting a new standard.”

Stein IAS steered the development of a content marketing strategy which reinvents the rulebook when it comes to specifying, designing, manufacturing and supplying mission critical port equipment.

With research deployed at the heart of the campaign to provide issues-led, industry-wide insights, the agency split the annual Barometer Report from Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, which gathers the latest insights and opinions on market performance, into two groups; port owners and operators, consultants and contractors. This provided depth to the findings and enabled the comparison of attitudes and behaviours across the two groups.

The assets developed from this valuable piece of research fuelled the entire ‘Performance People’ campaign, which was powered by marketing automation over the course of the entire buyer journey. The campaign has helped to redress the balance in favour of premium suppliers over commodity players and the market has not just listened, but acted upon Trelleborg’s leadership on the issue.

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