Creative Director (EMEA), Reuben Webb, promoted to the newly created role of Chief Values Officer (CVO).

19 August 2016

Stein IAS has announced the promotion of Creative Director (EMEA), Reuben Webb to the newly created role of Chief Values Officer (CVO).

As a people-orientated company, Stein IAS has always placed great importance on its values: Industriousness, Considered Courage, Relentless Curiosity, Generosity of Spirit and Fun, an approach which has enabled it to become the global agency it is today. But as the agency continues to grow in the evolving world of B2B marketing, the new position was essential to ensure the importance and integrity of the company values is upheld, to protect the company’s most important asset – its people. Reuben was the natural choice to fill the new role.

Rob Morrice, Chief Executive Officer at Stein IAS comments: “Our approach to culture, to date, has been intuitive in the main, instigating company and personal initiatives when it felt right. This has proved a successful approach for a company of our size but, as we continue to grow, it’s become clear that we needed to place our values at the heart of the company’s decision making and have them represented by someone who embodies them and demonstrates them better than anyone else in the business.”

Reuben has played a huge role in leading the growth of Stein IAS over the last 16 years, after joining as a Copywriter in 1999. He has continually nurtured the Stein IAS values in a way that’s helped to attract and retain key staff, mentoring them throughout their career progression. 

Morrice continues: “Throughout the years and his different roles, Reuben has greatly contributed to developing the values that guide us and that are at the heart of everything we do. He will now be able to put his proven leadership and people skills to even better use as the guardian of the values he helped develop, nurturing relationships and preserving the interests of all stakeholders of the organization to ensure we continue to deliver the most important value to our clients.”

Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer at Stein IAS, adds: “Having a Chief Values Officer will not only help us preserve and strengthen our values within the company, it will enable us to establish a clear conscience for the business as it grows.”

“This way everyone within the agency, no matter their culture or location, will be on the same page, making decisions that consistently reflect our values and enable us to deliver more to our clients.”

Everyone at Stein IAS is delighted to have Reuben as the first Chief Values Officer and is looking forward to his next brilliant idea to promote the values of the agency.

Reuben himself was surprised to learn that what he already did (without being asked) earned him a promotion, and will continue to do what comes naturally.

“I am thankful and excited by this new role,” Reuben said. “Stein IAS is already a company with a brilliant culture and great people. I am looking forward to the new challenge and will be happy to keep helping the growing management team become stewards of the values-driven policies we will establish and live by.”

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