Agency rewared for fight against clichéd creative with UK Agency Award win.

23 September 2016

Showcasing the strength of its long-standing fight against clichéd creative in modern B2B marketing, Stein IAS was awarded the ‘Best Agency Film’ prize at the UK Agency Awards (The Emirates Stadium, London, Thursday 15th September). The agency was honored for its film, Cliché Killers, which features a shining cast of marketers, from Google to Adobe, and comes out swinging at the most abused clichés in the history of marketing.

Reuben Webb, Creative Director (EMEA) and Chief Values Officer at Stein IAS, commented: “Creating entertaining yet credible ideas that win over B2B clients and their audiences can be murder. That’s why killer creative is rare and clichés are, well, clichéd. But creatives have to keep fighting for originality and part of that fight is to point out that clichés don’t get the job of differentiation done.

“We first published our book: 101 Clichés - B2Bs Most Notorious Creative Faux Pas, in 2007. It may have helped us to win new business and awards but clichés are still rife in the world of B2B. We knew The Drum were fans of the book but we didn’t know how big. When they approached us and asked if we would like to turn the book into a film, and an online TV series, we seized on the opportunity.”

In a coproduction with The Drum, Stein IAS made Cliché Killers the film, starring 101 Clichés originator, Reuben alongside some of the top minds in the marketing industry to tell the story of the 12 most abused clichés in the history of marketing. These stories are being released fortnightly until November as individual episodes.

To launch the full film, Stein IAS hosted a Cliché Killer movie premiere for the elite of B2B marketing at May’s Business Marketing Association (BMA) Conference in Chicago. A multichannel promotional campaign saw a movie themed creative concept featuring original photography of Reuben in full latex makeup as three well-known film characters. In addition, a multi-touch email campaign leading up to the event promoted the movie trailer. On the day of the premiere, Stein IAS created further buzz with Stein IAS Chairman Tom Stein’s afternoon presentation slot on stage at the conference culminating in a surprise appearance of Cliché Killer, Reuben brandishing an axe and chasing Tom off stage.

“The movie premiere was a killer success attracting 134 guests - almost a quarter of the show’s attendees. A real red carpet was flanked by faceless executioners, ready to deal with anyone who did not recognize this deliberate use of a cliché. People loved the film and more than one person renounced their lifelong addiction to advertising clichés, without being threatened with an axe,” added Reuben.

The UK Agency Awards is the UK’s first awards scheme recognizing excellence in the way that agencies are run, marketed and grown. The awards are open to all creative, design, digital, marketing, advertising, media and public relations agencies that are based in the UK.

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