Post-Modern Marketing: B2B Marketing Continues its Rapid Evolution

Agency announces the inception of B2B marketing's ‘Post-Modern’ era.

13 October 2016

“Is B2B Marketing moving into a "Post-Modern" era?” This was the provocative question posed to the B2B marketing community by Stein IAS at today’s ANA / BMA Northern California (NorCal) event in Mountain View.

Hosted in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Microsoft Conference Center, the event featured a keynote by Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer at Stein IAS. During the keynote, Stein announced the inception of a ‘Post-Modern’ era of marketing. Stein was joined by fellow presenters Milan Martin, President of Grey SF; Shawn Ottenbreit, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy and Performance at Hewlett Packard Enterprise; and Tequia Burt, Editorial Director, B2B Marketing USA.

“Oracle Marketing Cloud defines Modern Marketing as the paradigm of inbound marketing driven by digital channels, served by multiple touches, measured by sophisticated technologies – and where data analysis is king. But from conversations with clients and peers, as well as extensive research, it’s clear that Modern Marketing approaches have become nearly ubiquitous.

“Clearly, Modern Marketing practices, which are highly structured, significantly automated and reliant on data-driven segmentation and analytics, have served us well. B2B marketers have become more accountible and thus more strategically integral to their enterprises. But the pendlum is swinging. Modern Marketing is being balanced by a re-emphasis on bold and intuitive experiences.

“Data need not confine us, it should enrich our communications. Technology need not be reductive due to its complexity, it should be unleashed to create amazing experiences, from the top to the bottom of the funnel and to every touch point in the customer experience. This is Post-Modern Marketing.”

Stein IAS has long positioned itself at the vanguard of B2B marketing, with the agency among the first to master digital marketing in the mid-1990s, all the way through marketing automation and Marketing Cloud deployments starting a decade later. Now, the agency is breaking new ground with the creation of creatively-driven, technology-enabled customer experiences that accelerate and maximize ROI in the Post-Modern era.

Defying convention and individualizing experiences is core to Post-Modern Marketing. In response, this year Stein IAS launched MiX (Most Important Experiences) – a first-of-its-kind initiative among B2B agencies to bring together multi-functional teams including design, content, UX, programming and technology – to leverage existing and emerging technologies to create customer experiences that over-deliver impact and results. In 2016, through MiX, Stein IAS has created several award-winning campaigns including a virtual reality experience to demonstrate food sorting prowess from the POV of a green bean.

“As we move beyond Modern Marketing, we want to take its approaches along with us. And we want to add to them creatively-driven experiences that accelerate and maximize ROI in a Post-Modern Marketing world – and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” added Stein.

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