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Partnership Expands Lattice’s Footprint in Europe

17 June 2015

SAN MATEO, Calif.—June 17, 2015 – Lattice Engines, the leading provider of predictive marketing and sales applications, and global B2B marketing agency Stein IAS, today announceda strategic partnership in the UK that will give the agency’s clients and other enterprise businesses access to Lattice’s expansive suite of predictive applications. Through this partnership Stein IAS clients and other enterprise businesses will be able to make more informed sales and marketing decisions based on insights from the Lattice Data Cloud – the industry’s largest source of buying signals – and a combination of fit, behavioral and intent data about prospects. 

“Lattice is the first company to offer a complete solution to predictive marketers. With our broad spectrum of buying signals, marketing and sales teams can gather more accurate insights and achieve greater success in converting potential customers,” said Michael Meinhardt, VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Lattice. “Lattice’s applications impact every stage of the revenue cycle and will bring targeted, data-driven insights to Stein IAS’ marketing offerings.”

Stein IAS is a global digital and integrated marketing agency that aims to bring new approaches to B2B marketing to drive sales growth, with five offices spanning EMEA, Americas and APAC. With this strategic partnership, the Lattice application suite will enhance these offerings with the power of predictive analytics, and give Stein IAS clients and other enterprise businesses the tools to target the right prospects who are most likely to buy, what they’re likely to buy, and when.

Lattice is shaping the predictive marketing landscape and transforming businesses across industries – including companies such as Juniper Networks, Dell and HP – with the market’s most widely used predictive applications. With Lattice, businesses can easily use data to better predict what their customers will need next, which prospects to target, and when prospects will be ready to buy, so they can better focus their efforts – resulting in increased sales conversion and accelerated revenue growth.

“Lattice’s predictive marketing and sales applications help to close the gap between marketing and sales, making the B2B sales funnel more efficient and informed,” said Marc Keating, director of digital and innovation at Stein IAS. “Lattice fits seamlessly within our agile plug-and-play infrastructure – the B2B Marketing Cloud – which is fueled by Mi 3 and insights from the data cloud that accelerate the buyer process.”

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