IAS celebrates 40 years in international style

IAS b2b Marketing celebrates 40 years as the advanced guard of B2B marketing.

11 April 2013

IAS b2b Marketing, the agency widely considered to have defined the communications category ‘B2B marketing’, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

As the agency gears up for the formal launch of Stein IAS following its confirmed venture with New York's Stein + Partners, the big 4-0 is proving its most memorable milestone yet.

"While we're proud of our history, company celebrations have been very much focused on our future," said IAS MD, Rob Morrice. "We were always going to make it at a global level but to do it, not only way ahead of schedule, but in such a special year for the company is timely and triumphant.

"We started 2013 on a high with news that we could officially lay claim to being the most awarded agency around. We're only just out of Q1 and we've already instigated one of the biggest shake-ups B2B marketing has seen in some time with the launch of Stein IAS. It's fair to say it's been a good year; in fact it's been a great eight years since I started here, inheriting an unprecedented 32 years pedigree of B2B excellence.

"Joining IAS has certainly been the best thing I ever did and it's about to get a whole lot more interesting. I've met my match in US counterpart Tom Stein and that's an unnerving prospect with unlimited potential."

From a SoHo set-up in a small Cheshire village in 1973 to an award-winning international agency in 2013, IAS (originally Industrial Art Services) has come a long way in its four decades defending the B2B creative cause. Founder Tim Hazelhurst is widely acknowledged as being the first marketer to make the distinction between the specific demands of B2B and consumer communications, establishing 'Industrial Art Services' as a category in its own right. Forty years down the line the agency has evolved to become one of the most capable contenders on the global B2B marketing scene with teams in Manchester, London, Paris, New York and Shanghai.

Last week, the growing contingent marked the occasion in international style where it all began - in Bollington. Colleagues and associates from across the world flew in from the US, France, Norway, Germany and Finland to reflect on 40 years of industrial evolution and look forward to the agency's new beginnings as Stein IAS.

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