Stein IAS invests in future Business World Warriors

Success of inaugural 12 month apprenticeship program 
sees agency recruit further two candidates.

09 December 2013

Following the success of its inaugural 12 month apprenticeship programme, Stein IAS is proud to retain all five of its current future business world warriors. The scheme’s positive impact has also prompted the global B2B Marketing agency to take on another two candidates within its award-winning web development and creative teams.

Under the stewardship of Stein IAS, the apprentices were supported in completing their statutory academic requirements – graduating with an NVQ and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Certificate. Two of the team are also furthering their development with a Foundation Degree in Business Management. And with their first year in business firmly under their belts the bona fide B2B marketers are putting their acquired experience and academic knowledge into practice in their respective PR, planning, digital and account services teams.

In addition, after flourishing in her role as an Account Services apprentice during her short time at the agency, Lucy Morrice, has already been promoted to the position of Account Executive.

Rob Morrice, CEO of Stein IAS (EMEA), says: “All business world warriors have to start somewhere, so we focus on surrounding ourselves with people that we like and believe have the potential to master the art of B2B marketing. Attracting and nurturing the next generation of business world warriors is essential if we’re to achieve our goal of becoming the world’s most important B2B agency.

“As the product of an apprenticeship scheme myself I firmly believe in the approach as a practical way to support young, bright people in climbing the career ladder fast. It gives the right candidates the business acumen some University students lack and employers the opportunity to mould future talent for the long term benefit of the organisation.”

Statistics show that many school leavers are considering such schemes as an alternative to traditional further studies, with more than 1.4 million applications for apprenticeships made during the 12 months to the end of July 2013. This figure is up by almost a third (32%) compared with the previous year, according to the National Apprenticeship Service.

For more information about the Stein IAS apprenticeship programme, please contact Director of HR, Cal Jackson.

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