Discover the role of Artificial Intelligence in powering marketing in the "Post Modern" era.


Event Overview

Over the past decade, B2B brands and agencies have widely adopted Modern Marketing – the paradigm of inbound marketing programs driven by digital channels, served by multiple touches, measured by sophisticated technologies – and where data analysis is king. Modern Marketing has (and continues to) serve us well. So today, as Modern Marketing and data-driven approaches become ubiquitous, what will define B2B’s “post-modern” era?

Find out at InTech 2017, where Marc Keating, Director of Digital and Innovation, will look at post-modern marketing approaches and the fusion of MarTech and AdTech required to power them (Breakout session 1, Room A).

InTech 2017 will bring together senior marketers in tech brands to learn and share experiences on the latest trends and strategies for driving hypergrowth.

13:50 – 14:20 – Breakout Session Room A

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  • The essential building blocks of the B2B stack
  • Selecting the right solutions to align against your strategy
  • Integrating tech into your buyer journey stages and conversion funnels
  • The future of marketing technology powered by AI

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Event Details

START DATE 23 February 2017 08:29 AM
END DATE 23 February 2017 05:30 PM
LOCATION 99 City Road Conference Centre, London, EC1Y 1AX, UK