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To learn is one of life’s most important skills and at Stein IAS we cultivate and encourage explorers. All world warriors have to start somewhere so we focus on surrounding ourselves with people that we like and believe have the potential to master the art of marketing.

2012 was a year of rapid growth as we continued our mission to become the world’s most important global b2b agency (did you hear we won BMA B2 Agency of the Year 2015?), so we went on a mission to discover new talent. And what better time - or way - to inject fresh ideas and perspectives than with the commencement of our first Apprentice Program.

We were fortunate to add five high calibre, brave young people to our ranks through recommendation, work experience and strong ties with a local college. With carefully selected mentors deployed as their guides, our apprentices courageously set off on their quest through four days of hands-on agency experience and one day of college-based learning. To ensure our apprentices are fully equipped, our program also includes driving lessons alongside a structured plan to integrate them into the company culture (mostly by having fun – one of our company values). We believe in this way we can produce better than graduate standard individuals in less than three years and nothing we have seen so far has made us think any differently.

Not only have all our apprentices conquered their statutory academic requirements and Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate in Marketing – an additional show of long term investment from the agency – they have united with their colleagues to champion b2b marketing in its entirety. As our year one apprentices continue to thrive in their respective teams, putting their marketing qualifications into practice, we have taken on two additional young marketers into the creative and web development teams.

Furthermore, two of our industrious apprentices are pursuing a Foundation Degree in Business Management” – proving our new business world warriors are ready to fight for what’s most important.

To learn more about Stein IAS’ apprentice program, please contact Group HR Director, Cal Jackson on cal.jackson@steinias.com

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