Strategic Planner

We’re looking for a highly talented individual to lead the development of the most inspiring insights, defined opportunities and resulting positioning – to set the strategic foundation for the most compelling creative and interactions outputs for our clients. As a Strategic Planner, you’ll guide, support and inspire the development of Planners and Planning Executives in our Mi Insights team.

Behaviours (that support our core values):


  • Work hard as an individual, as well as in teams and for our clients
  • Be insistent and persistent in the pursuit of new, better, important ways to make our clients and the Agency more successful


  • Be an explorer! Your quest for knowledge about marketing, people, culture, technology and all the forces that shape our work must be unending
  • Your thirst to push beyond boundaries and conventions is unquenchable


  • Be courageous, but your bravery can not be foolhardy. We take large or small leaps – but we do so with diligence.


  • As a member of the Stein IAS family, put our members and relationships first, always. Respect, care for and protect each other above all.
  • Your respect and care extends to our clients, industry friends, peers, and our business partners. It extends even further to our communities and the causes most important to us.


  • Enjoy what we do and make life more enjoyable for everyone with whom we work


  • Engage colleagues and clients with inspiration and energy to lead the delivery of the Mi Insights system
  • Maintain the highest quality, integrity and strength of strategic planning recommendations, to deliver excellence in strategic outputs to support the growth and development of all client business
  • Protect the integrity of our Mi Insights, and broader Mi3, systems whilst demonstrating the ability to understand client-specific needs and where we must adjust the reporting model of our insights learnings to meet a client’s specific need
  • Lead by example in always delivering in-scope and on-time
  • Play a proactive part in evolving Mi Insights system best practice with the Mi Insights team
  • Lead positive and productive collaboration within the MI Insights team and with key agency peers/departments, and with client partners to consistently elevate the quality of thinking and ideas applied to the client business
  • Actively encourage personal and professional growth in the skills, experiences and behaviours of the team members in equal measure – through formal and informal coaching, mentoring and hands-on learning
  • Embrace and adopt the principles of a high-performing team
  • Ensure all policy and legal requirements for the agency as they relate to the group are completed in a timely and efficient manner
  • Support new business and agency marketing/promotion activity when necessary


  • Always hold an informed point of view, one that the client and colleagues will see providing value.
  • Demonstrate leadership and ownership of the strategic context of client-specific accounts or product work streams.
  • Lead the hands-on strategic planning, using the Mi Insights model process and tools.
  • Direction and management of qualitative insight gathering (and quantitative as needed).
  • Planning and facilitation MI Insights workshops.
  • Reporting, analysis and application of learning and outputs from discovery and workshops.
  • Development of creative briefs and providing concise and inspirational input to fellow Mi3 teams.
  • Coordination and collaboration with all agency disciplines to assure integration and synergy.
  • Plan, write up and, where required, present planning sections of new business proposals.
  • Participate in and contribute to agency promotional activity.
  • Maintain and advance the Mi Insights model and tools, co-ordinating with all peers to ensure best-practice, relevance and global B2B applicability.

Job Specific Competencies


  • Strong discovery skills with desk research, market intelligence, qualitative and quantitative sources
  • Highest level of analytical ability to identify and present key findings and resulting insights with clarity and simplicity
  • Superb facilitation and presentation skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Competent in use of PowerPoint and its core functionalities
  • Ability to create clarity and consistency in visual content
  • Excellent time and workload management
  • Robust awareness of the commercial context and resulting considerations


  • B2B agency experience
  • Good design layout awareness
  • Social media and digital awareness
  • Leadership and training aptitude and experience

Location New York
Date Posted 06 March 2017 12:00 AM
Closing Date 30 June 2017 12:00 AM

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