Junior Art Director/Designer

We’re looking for a Junior Art Director / Designer to visualize and then create visual communications in any known medium – especially digital ones. In the role, you’ll work individually and with others to develop communications that meets a strategic creative objective.

Behaviours (that support our core values)


  • Working hard goes with the territory. Working smart wins you the respect of your managers and peers.


  • Be an explorer! Your quest for knowledge about marketing, people, culture, technology and all the forces that shape our work should be unending.
  • Your thirst to push beyond boundaries and conventions will not be denied


  • Be courageous, but your brave acts must be prepared for. We take large or small leaps – but we do so with diligence.


  • If you see things from other people’s points of view, you will be rewarded at Stein IAS
  • As a member of the Stein IAS family, put our members and relationships first, always. Respect, care for and protect each other above all.
  • Your respect and care should extend to our clients, industry friends, peers, and our business partners. It should extend even further to our communities and the causes most important to us.


  • We’re all able to enjoy ourselves at work. Above all, be yourself and help create an atmosphere where others can do the same.


  • To take personal lead on projects that involve conceptual development of big long ideas
  • Developing concepts in a way that is:
    • Contextual to its industry
    • Different to the competition and what has gone before
    • Meaningful to all the identified stakeholders at once
    • Meaningful to all the stakeholders individually
    • Adaptable to the chosen channels
    • Useful to the creators of content at each stage of the buyer journey
    • Credible and useful to the salespeople
  • To lead conceptual projects
  • To manage the work of others involved in the projects you lead
  • Applying intelligence, wit and heart to make complex products and value propositions understandable, appealing and deeply relevant
  • Create everything from print ads and online banners to landing pages and emails to brochures and collateral to websites, social, mobile and video
  • Working collaboratively in a fast-paced environment and to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Steadfastly demonstrating a strong attention to detail and process
  • Taking ownership of projects assigned and ensure they meet agreed deadlines to agreed standards
  • To make your work as visually appealing and well-crafted as it can be relative to the time you have to do it
  • To maintain close coordination with internal departments involved in servicing assigned accounts or projects


  • The conception of Big Long ideas.
  • The visual expression of Big, Long Creative Ideas and applying them to branding, advertising and marketing campaigns for assigned accounts or projects
  • Presenting creative internally and to clients
  • Brainstorming ideas and concepts for the visual and words with other members of the creative team assigned to the task – AND keeping the time spent productive
  • Leading photo shoots and other creative productions like radio/video
  • Photographer searching/image sourcing
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of branding (type, color, etc.)
  • Completing timesheets daily

Job Specific Competencies


  • Demonstrable expertise in Art Direction and Idea generation
  • A willingness to work for a team even if it means working late and the odd weekend
  • A hunger for culture in all its forms 


  • Multiple languages
  • Appreciation of B2B
  • University degree (undergraduate level) in Communications, design or another creatively or culturally interesting field
  • Or completion of an ad/design school program
  • Or real-world experience in a creative or marketing related field

Location New York
Date Posted 06 March 2017 12:00 AM
Closing Date 30 June 2017 12:00 AM

Apply Now

To get a comprehensive job specification or to apply for this role, please send your CV by email to cal.jackson@steinias.com

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