Account Director

As a global Account Director at Stein IAS you own the day-to-day client management at the heart of the world’s most ambitious B2B Agency. Your performance will be measured on living the Agency values and leading the growing profitability of your account group from existing clients and new business. This is a role for a highly strategic individual with challenging personal aspirations for becoming an elite B2B marketer, business savvy leader and strong people manager. You will have daily contact with Agency specialists and clients in both formal and informal capacities and will be adept at communicating across all levels. 



  • Owner of day-to-day client accounts over a long period of growing profitability
  • Lead role in the development and execution of Account Growth Programs
  • Demonstrate strong organizational and communication skills
  • Leader of strong client relationships at strategic and operational levels
  • Guardian of the strategic Mi3 integrity within each client account
  • Effective macro implementation of each client strategy and program
  • Ability to judge and prioritize across multiple client workloads
  • Liaise with and integrate all relevant Agency specialists across multiple offices
  • Ability to handle required revenue volumes
  • Accurate and timely commercial management


  • Lead the Account Group to exceed £1m/$1.5/€1.3m annualized client revenue
  • Accountable for maximizing the profitability of each client account
  • Lead annual / quarterly forecasting and achieving monthly / quarterly billing plans
  • Ability to accurately budget quickly and demonstrate the art of negotiation  
  • Accurate calculations of all client budgets and quotes
  • Own the Scope of Works phase of the Agency’s commercial procedures
  • Ongoing management of accurate billing / revenue plans
  • Ensure weekly productivity meetings and associated client reporting are completed
  • Delivering annual client revenue targets and respective billing cycles
  • Accountable for accurate monthly revenue recognition
  • Owner of the monthly client budget review cycle
  • Ongoing integrity and maintenance of client data within Synergist


  • Preparation and presentation of major strategic and creative proposals to new and existing clients
  • Owner of each macro strategic work stream and ensures professional management of the macro and micro implementation programs across multiple client accounts
  • Ability to strategically lead a mixed discipline Agency team across multiple offices
  • Responsible for verbal and written communications between Mi3 functions and clients across various seniority levels
  • Overall responsibility for Quality Control of Client work at a strategic and tactical level
  • To ensure Agency systems and processes are adhered to by Account Group Team
  • Strong leadership in the time, cost and change management of each campaign / project delivery
  • Drive new client account revenues on the back of high client satisfaction  


  • Creator of the stickiest client to Agency relationships
  • Own day-to-day client relationships at strategic and operational levels across the clients’ sales and marketing structures
  • Implement robust cadence between Agency and client
  • Demonstrate versatility in client management approaches based on individual client personalities
  • Prioritize difficult situations first and quickly neutralize conflicting situations with positive outcome      


  • Highly proficient in understanding the client’s 3-5 year business strategy
  • Generate product knowledge necessary to implement brand, campaign and lead nurture communications
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the client’s industry by building multi-tiered client relationships, showing a thirst for insights and building a strong general category knowledge
  • Understand the client’s product/solution buying cycles and routes to market
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the client’s target audiences / segmentation
  • Build the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to lead client discussions around business, marketing and sales strategies
  • Master handling of Mi3 processes and tools
  • Lead role in the preparation, facilitation and reporting of client workshops
  • Always deliver strong strategic brief writing and team briefing skills
  • Strategic creative management to avoid adverse situations brought about by limited client experience and untrained creative opinions leading to poor commercial control
  • Sole responsibility for the successful delivery of every project/campaign    
  • Active role in sharing best practice across other global Account Groups


  • Lead winning new business pitch teams
  • Present the Agency credentials with authority
  • Making clients and the Agency famous with award wins and profile raising strategies and programs

Location London
Date Posted 26 January 2017 12:00 AM
Closing Date 30 April 2017 12:00 AM

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