Tom Stein

Tom Stein

Chairman and Chief Client Officer

Tom has led Stein IAS (Americas) to 13 consecutive Agency of the Year of the honors. Tom has been named by BtoB Marketing in the B2B “who’s who” for 13 straight years. Tom’s twins turn 13 this year. Perhaps it is just a coincidence…

For over 25 years, Tom has helped build Stein IAS into a foremost practitioner of synchronized, multi-channel marketing for B2B brand leaders and challengers – and has been honored as such via his election to the Creative Excellence in Business Advertising (CEBA) Hall of Fame. Tom also serves and furthers the B2B marketing industry as a board member of the Business Marketing Association.

Tom and Stein IAS continue to evolve the strategic, creative tactical and analytical capabilities it provides, including marketing performance management; the integration of paid, earned and owned media; the interrelationship of social, search and mobile marketing; content strategy/marketing; and other competencies that continue to revolutionize marketing globally

Most importantly, Tom endeavours valiantly (if sometimes vainly) to balance leading an amazing B2B agency with helping his beloved wife Gina raise their amazing twins.

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